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more and more tunes

Completed Jam Trax

Jams as they are accumulated will be posted here!!!



more tunes

Trax people collaborated and Completed

Jam in Fm - "Everybody Jam"

Just Like the Last Time - "Let the Music Play"

Koto Jam - "My Baby Makes me Hye"

Movin up - (Reggie Powers on Guitar)

Steppin Up - (Reggie Powers on Guitar)


even more

Here are a few originals

Rivers Breath


I Love You Mama

The Pulse





more and more tunes

Jam Trax for students or play along

Watching You -

The Jam -

Groovin You -



more tunes

Trax to collaborate and complete

Jam in Fm - concept

Just Like the Last Time - concept

Koto Jam - concept

Movin Up - concept

Steppin Up - concept


even more

Assorted tunes I have performed on

A Time for Rifles - (Written by Larry Samowitz, performed by me

Bottomfeeder - (Jim Dix)

Saturday Jaunt - (Jim Dix)

You Can't Stop The River - (Jim Dix)