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My name is Mike Hornstein and I wanted to thank you and welcome you to my website.

Ever since I left NY, I wanted to figure out a way to jam with some of my musician friends no matter where I live. Well now it is possible!! With technology today it is now possible to upload and download tracks that will allow you to communicate musically in ways never imagined. Don't be afraid to get creative. Listen to trax, jam, or meet musicians from all over the world!! New Site coming soon....for now download my trax and be creative, jam and enjoy the experience!

me in a tuxSlappy

Slappy Holmes
That's right. It is a little known fact that I am also "Slappy Holmes" of the band "The Polyester Apocalypse", formerly of "The Boogie Freaks". Check out the "Slappy Holmes" experience!!

Polyester Apocalypse
The Polyester Apocalypse is a 70's showband performing the classic Disco/Funk of the 70's. Click here to check out the band and come back to the 70's.

$lappy Store
Slappy products are now available. Collect them and trade them with your friends. You can take Slappy with you wherever you go. Click here to go to the Slappy Store!!